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Capital Shift Strategies

Client Centered

Client Centered

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.

Capital Shift Strategies

Capital Shift Strategies is a trade name designed to represent a specialized aspect of our financial services firm, catering specifically to accredited investors who own real estate. Our trade name aligns with all compliance guidelines, ensuring transparency and the absence of conflicts of interest.

The primary objective of Capital Shift Strategies is to establish a distinct brand that focuses on promoting the strategic execution of a 1031 exchange into a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) portfolio. This strategy enables investors to defer capital gains taxes while diversifying their investment holdings.

We prioritize compliance with regulatory requirements, safeguarding the interests of our clients and maintaining the highest ethical standards. By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to build trust and credibility within the industry.

Our approach revolves around personalized investment strategies that are tailored to each client's financial goals and risk tolerance. By strategically implementing a 1031 exchange into a DST portfolio, accredited investors can unlock the potential of their real estate holdings, preserve capital, and gain access to a broader range of investment opportunities.

We are committed to offering exceptional customer service, establishing long-term relationships with our clients, and delivering customized solutions. Our team stays informed about industry trends, market analysis, and regulatory updates to provide accurate and reliable advice.

Capital Shift Strategies seeks to provide accredited investors with a secure and profitable financial future by harnessing the benefits of a 1031 exchange into a DST portfolio. Our trade name reflects our dedication to trust, expertise, and integrity, and we are committed to operating within compliance guidelines and best practices.

Please note that Capital Shift Strategies does not provide legal or tax advice. We encourage clients to consult with their own legal and tax professionals before making any investment decisions.

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