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Why do you need an independent financial adviser?

| December 17, 2018
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Why do you need an independent financial adviser?

  • Investing is only part of what advisers do
    • Good independent investors look at their client’s overall situation and help them create a comprehensive plan that meets their objectives.  This includes helping to consider social security, tax situations, medical needs, legacy plans…etc.  It taking the whole picture and then funding it with a strategy that fits.
  • Experts do it better
    • Most people put money in their 401k and randomly pick a portfolio mix based on a model.  An independent adviser is able to look at a client's situation and use investment strategies and products to meet objectives.
    • It’s easy to be in an index and get good returns when the market is doing well but what happens when it turns?  Does your adviser have the skill and experience to know what to do?  Is your model set up to adapt to changing market conditions?
  • Are you missing out?
    • Even though you may or may not need an adviser for investments you may need one for tax planning, estate planning, social security planning, college planning and a myriad of other things.  As mentioned before it’s not just about investing in the stock market it’s about funding a plan to meet your specific objectives (ie – should you take social security now or wait? Should you start a 529 plan for college planning or an UTMA?)


At the end of the day using an adviser is definitely a personal decision but I would put it this way.  If you had a broken leg would you go to your neighbor or to fix it or to a doctor?  If your financial health is in need of fixing or at the very least guidance then my recommendation is to take it to a professional who can help you get it back in shape…for the short term and long run.

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